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Yes - I know...4 years later...

So - I believe my last post was in 2008.  My, my have things changed.  The good news is that the most important aspects of my life have stayed the same. Update:  I finished my MBA with an emphasis on Project Management in September 2011.  Greta was in Korea for six months, then Iraq for 14.  I had two surgeries due to Stage 1, Grade 1 Uterine Cancer.  Mady was diagnosed with two forms of Dyslexia and has managed to bring her grades up to a GPA of just under 3.5...AND she's a Freshman in High School.  She's 15 years old now and is driving - with a learner's permit - and is thriving.  We are still in Melbourne.  We bought our house in Feb 2008 and actually haven't moved - can you believe it?  Our goal is to move back to NE Florida as soon as Mady graduates high school (May 2016).  The baby thing never worked for us.  Three IUIs and two IVFs and we said enough is enough.  We have a ton of friends who have small children that we can play with and give back - that's quite enough for us. :)  I've reconnected with my high school best friend in Yulee and I feel AWESOME about our relationship.  She has a fantastic husband and three beautiful children that I get to spoil on a regular basis.  Let's see - what else?  So - I've taken up art.  I've been painting for about a year and I really like to do it.  I haven't had a chance to paint in a few months, but hope to resume soon.  Greta is baking now and making fantastic cakes and cupcakes.  She's made several that are super impressive.  I am so proud of her!  She's back in school at Embry Riddle and is working for Embraer (sp).  I'm still at AOL - yep - this is year number 14.  I'm still doing the same thing with the exception of adding a few things to my plate.  I'm being transitioned to another attorney soon because my boss is leaving the company (BOO!).  I feel a personal day coming on very soon - lol!!! 

So - that's about it - maybe I'll start updating soon.  Is anyone still out here?

Baby news

Here's the latest on the baby news:

Greta had an appointment today to measure follicles.  Apparently she has two that will be ready in two days.  :)  This may just be the month!  She goes in on Wed to measure the follicles, and if all is well, we'll inseminate either Friday or Saturday.  YAY!!!

Maybe this is the month - maybe, maybe, maybe! :)

I'm struggling to keep up with this blog because we haven't had great news to post about - but I guess that's life, huh?


So, my grandmother's been very sick.  She fell last week a couple of times and was sent to the hospital on Friday.  Then, she was sent to a nursing home, but we're calling it a rehab center.  ;)  I just talked to her a few minutes ago, and she seems quite depressed. :( 

But - she's only going to be there for two weeks.  So - ugh.  It's gotten to be today pretty bad, but I guess I'll be okay. 

Anyway - Greta's follicles weren't big enough for IUI, so she started on clomid again yesterday - 100 mgs a day for five days.  We'll see how that goes I guess.

Here's to the second try :)

So - she started on clomid on Friday.  She goes back in to the doctor on Thursday for an ultrasound to determine the size of the follicle(s).  Good mojo our way please?

On to other news: 

My grandmother fell the other night and my mom freaked because she thought she broke her hip.  Luckily, it wasn't her hip, but unfortunately it was her pubic bone. :(  It is broken in two places.  So - what comes with a broken bone?  Lots of pain medication.  Normally that wouldn't be a bad thing, but if you add lots of pain medication to an 89 year old with dimensia, you get a complete disaster.  She fell again last night.  This time, she broke her collar bone and bruised all of her ribs.  So - my mom and step-dad are trying to figure out wat to do because my mom can't lift my grandmother to help her to the bathroom - and my step-dad has to work.  So- we're not sure what to do. 

Also - in other news -

A childhood friend of mine got into a horrible motorcycle accident yesterday.  His sister and I were the best of friends since we were in preschool - but we've become quite distant since I came out of the closet.  But, nonetheless, they were my family for over 25 years.

He wasn't wearing a helmet :( He's still alive, but he is in critical condition - he is in Trauma ICU at Shands.  :(  There's more problems than not with him, but the biggest thing is he has a ton of blood in his brain and is in a coma.  He's 37. He has two children. 

Please send good mojo to my family and my friend.  :(



So - the first cycle didn't work.  I'm sure the lack of posts make it obvious that it didn't work.  So - here's the deal.  We went through the transfer (where they did the IUI), and we waited the two weeks.  We really thought she was pregnant because she had some symptoms, albeit they were very early, they were symptoms.  But - I do believe the symptoms were medically induced by the clomid she was on.  She was on 50 mg of Clomid.

She had a great time last weekend - finally being able to drink a beer. LOL  So - she goes back to the doc on Friday to start a new IUI process.  So - here's to try number two. 



I've learned some new acronyms over the last couple of weeks.  So - 11dpiui means 11 days past IUI.  That's where we are.  We are 11dpiui, and she did an hpt this morning and got a BFN (big fat negative).  :(:(:(  So - I'm convinced it was just too early to test.  I mean, hell - she's not even supposed to have AF yet (AF = aunt flow - which I guess is the politically correct way of saying PERIOD!).  So - I think she should wait a few days - I mean - she gets a blood test on Friday - we should know something by Friday afternoon.  Plus - we were told that the first one probably won't work anyway because the doc is really just trying to learn her body and how to diagnose the appropriate medications. 

So - we're 11dpiui, did an hpt and got a bfn. 

That's our story and we're sticking to it.

Start the clock!!!

Today was the big day!  At about 9:45 AM this morning, Greta got inseminated!!!!!  ;-D  We're onto the 2 week wait now.  So - we'll know is we're pregnant by September 6, 2008.  I CANNOT WAIT!!!!  Our doc said that their practice bases a good sperm count on a 10 million sperm sample.  Our donor hooked us up!  19 MILLION, BAYBAY!!!! :)  So - we're hoping for the best, but being as realistic as possible.  We know that it's likely to take between four and six cycles before we actually get pregnant.  So - we're keeping an open mind, but we are having fun with the dream that she's actually pregnant now.   

We're already trying to figure out how to make our office a nursery.  Our office is a separate sitting room (with doors) inside our bedroom. It will be a fantastic nursery because it's IN our room - and not across the house - which is where the third bedroom is.  Since the baby will only be in his/her room while he/she sleeps, it's not important to us to have the baby in the far bedroom.  When the baby reaches about a year old or more, I would assume we'd move the baby to the third bedroom.  By then, maybe we will have been able to purchase a nice sofa bed for the front room for guests.  :)

So - there's the plan.  We SERIOUSLY need good mojo coming our way.  Hopfully we have a little baby brewing in there!!!!  :)

Our baby's now 11!

It is so freaking hard to believe.  Mady's 11 today.  I cannot believe she's 11.  1111
So - 11 it is.  I've decided I have to just go with it.  I can't make her younger and I can't keep her like a baby. She's starting fifth grade in a week.  One week.  ONE WEEK she starts fifth grade.  She got her teacher assignment the other day and she got a bit upset, but she was also upset last year when she found out she had a guy as a teacher, but he proved to be the most amazing guy and the best teacher she ever had.  So - I'm really hoping this new teacher will work with her like Mr. Boyer did.  So - anyway - TOTALLY off subject.  Our baby is 11.  :(  Do you know what that means?  Two years before she's a teenager; Four years before she gets her learner's permit; Five years before she's driving and will have her own car; Seven years before she graduates from high school.  Jees - I'm so freaking old...I'm so freaking O L D. 

Moving on --- We're getting closer to the baby time.  Greta's one step closer to the day!  :)  She starts on clomid this week, so maybe next week will be the magical time.  I'm hoping that we'll get pregnant the first time, but I'm realizing that it's going to take probably at least six cycles.  :(  We did find a donor - a WONDERFUL looking donor who's incredibly credible.  He's amazing - and very attractive - and there's no major health issues in any of his family (we have three generations of health issues), and he just seems like an awesome candidate.  We had one donor that we liked better, but he wasn't available.  If for some awful reason we need more than three vials, we'll try to get the second donor (if he's back in the program).  

So - I think that's it - I'm emotionally over it today. :(  

BTW - Mady's party was SENSATIONAL yesterday.  She had another luau and it was incredible. We had a double water slide in our back yard and the girls had an amazing time!



He went home tonight. :(  I hung on as long as I could, but his mom said it was time to go. LOL  She actually got back to town last night, but Ethan was already sleeping, so she just stayed the night here.  We did some shopping today and they decided to go home.  So - what have we done?

Mady's school supplies are purchased
Mady's birthday decorations are purchased
Mady's cake has been ordered
Mady's birthday present is purchased (and received)
Mady's school clothes have been purchased
Mady's school shoes have been purchased

So - what do I have to do yet?

Buy food for Mady's birthday party
Buy Margarita glasses (plastic ones) for Mady's party
Buy Pina Colada mix for Mady's party
Polish the floors before her party
Get guest room prepared for my parents
Mow yard
Give Buddy a bath
Cut Halley's hair

Not too bad, eh?  I have until her party, which is August 9th to get the majority of this crap done.  Although - the floors will need to be done sooner rather than later, and the yard will have to be mowed more than once - but I think we'll be good.  

I think that's about it for this update.

Oh - Greta's next appointment is the 31st - so we'll get the papers signed that we need to create the account with PRS, and I think we'll know a little more about our IUI process. :)



The E-Train

This is day three of Ethan week. :)  We had him Saturday night.  We then got him back Sunday and will have him until Saturday morning.  He is going to day care during the day, as normal, but we're blessed to have him at night.  So - who is Ethan, huh?  Our friend, Buffy, who lives here has a beautiful little boy, Ethan, who is just now 9 months old.  He is such a sweet baby - such a cuddler.  So - we're blessed to have him as often as we do - which has been quite a bit - YAY!!!  :-D  

So - I've had some things change around at work, which isn't out of the ordinary.  Generally though, when things change around I'm usually in the "know".  Well, this time, I was so far out of the "know" it wasn't funny.  AND the changes effected me and my direct report.  So - we're going to be reporting to a new attorney.  I don't have a problem reporting to the new attorney but change is so difficult.  I hate having to prove my worth over and over and over with new teams.  But - whatever.  Ten and a half years at the same company, one has to expect change, right?  

With that said, I think I'm going to take a personal day tomorrow and just figure out my place in the department and the company.  Everytime something like this happens to me if I just take a day I'm good.  So - that's what I'm going to do.  :)

Anyway - that's all I have for now.